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~my fat cat's litter box~ (it's kinda smelly in here...)

み、です。 ヨロシクゥ~!☆
20 October 1981
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Formally littlionlover on lj...I finally, finally updated my outdated name! Hooray!
akiba, altars, angels, animals, anime, anmitsu, apple cider, ars magica, art history, asian pears, autumn, bikeriding, black pearls, bubble skirts, butterflies, cactuar cake, candles, captain picard, caramel macchiato, cat ears, catboys, catgirls, cats, celtic, champagne, chibiusa, chobits, chocolate, circlets, clamp, copics, corsets, cosplay, crepes, crowns, csi, cute underwear, daydreaming, down covers, dragons, drawing, dried mango, dulce de leche, dungeons & dragons, elves, espresso, exercise, exploration, faeries, fanart, fashion, feathers, flying, foxes, furoku, fuzzy bath robes, fuzzy blankets, gakuen alice, ghana milk chocolate, ginger snaps, green, haagen daz, halloween, hayrides, honey, horseback riding, hyaku-en ya, ikea, improv, inari, incense, intimacy, ireland, irish, japan, japanese, japanese white peaches, jewelry television, kagura, kanji, karaoke, kitsune udon, kosiuko, lindt, linguistics, lolita, loose socks, lotr, magic, magick, magickal creatures, mandarake, manga, meditation, memory foam, mikan, miso soup, moon princess, moonstone, onsen, pagans, pgsm, philadelphia cream cheese, photography, pico dulce, rain, raspberries, renaissance faire, rings, rogue, roleplaying, royal milk tea, sailor luna, sakura, scarfs, screentone, seltzer water, sento, sexy lingerie, shoes, silver, singapore, sleeping next to someone, smores, sparkles, spiced wine, star trek, stationary, sugar sugar rune, swimming, swings, tarot, tatami, thunder, tiaras, tori amos, traveling, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, twinings, unico, unicorns, waist cinchers, whipped cream, wigs, winged eggs, witches, x-files, yaki imo, yatsuhashi, yuri


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