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Silver Jewelry anyone?

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My mom ordered a piece of jewelry from this site:
Right now they have this promotion going on where you only pay shipping and handling per piece which is $6.99.
I'm usually super skeptical when it comes to this kind of thing but my mom just got one she ordered in the mail and the quality is excellent.
The only issue is that only 4 items are available for purchase at a time with varying can see a lot of the upcoming pieces however through a seperate link.  Also, some things, like rings are only sold in specific sizes so if you're going to order something be careful.
You can also add a silver chain to pendants for only $4.00 which is really cheap.
My mom's pendant came in this cute little bag too and it came in less than a week.

Ok i'm gonna stop before i sound like a terrible infomercial.

I was just thinking that maybe some of you out there might want affordable options for yule/christmas.

I've already found and ordered something nice.  ^_^

Facebook has taken my soul.

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Airi-san Line Art

Although it's compressed above and therefore doesn't look as good, this line art really came out nice.  If you'd like to see the type of quality I'm talking about click on the title for a much better version). 
Recently, I've been playing around with a new manga program called manga EX. It gives you the option of drawing onto a raster (pixel based) layer or a vector layer. Vectors have no resolution so it doesn't matter how big you make the image it will never look grainy. This is absolutely fantastic if you would like to produce a file for print AND for posting on the web. So, in this case, it's kinda like photoshop and illustrator all rolled into one. Actually, it's better than that because unlike Illustrator where you basically draw and manipulate shapes in order to make an image (kinda like cutting and pasting construction paper shapes - that's how col describes it) you actually just draw in vectors like you would in photoshop... If you're unfamiliar with all this and it doesn't really make any sense then just take my word for it. For producing digitally inked lineart it's freaking beautiful.
The above lineart was my first attempt at figuring out the program so where as I don't think it's the most awesomest representation of what the program can do...I'm just tickled pink with how it all works.

Now for some random stuff AKA Rakugaki (Leisurely Drawing):

(again, for a higher quality image click the title.)

Stick Foxes

Lalala, draw draw draw.

Gosh, having a laptop now makes all the difference.  LOL  Long live my Acer!!!!

Wheel of Kitty!

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Yesterday at the sanrio store I spun the Wheel of Kitty (as I have dubbed it).

I got second place!

Heeeeey! That's not a 2..... ^_^ I like being cute!

and the prize i won is...

Lollipop Lipgloss!


Ah, iz ok.  It's cute and spinning the wheel was fun.

I also watched Kitt's father burn an old tree root out of the ground over the weekend.  We went to Neshaminy Park to get wood and the park ranger said we needed a permit to take wood from the park. meh.  But we got away with a decent amount anyways.  When we set fire to it a swarm of ants came rushing was crazy.

After the fire we made some foods and Kitt made the cutest omelette ever!

I are happy omaletez.

Resin days Chapter 6

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I popped out the darker purple and black resin a few days ago and a lot of them look good. I wish I had done some of the pieces differently but you live and learn right? I’m going to try adding some things like small stickers and little jewels to the outside and then apply a clear coat on top. 

Speaking of clear coats...
I ordered this spray that’s basically polyester resin in a bottle. It makes a clear polished coat over whatever you spray it with (in this case resin pieces).  Also, if the pour is slightly tacky (due to too little hardener in the mix) it will help cure it and provide a non-sticky outside coating.  Basically it makes reject pours not reject pours anymore.  I tried the spray out a few days does work alright but it smells something horrible and just permeates all the air around you (even though I was outside...).  I didn't like it at all.  After I sprayed the piece I went online to see if I could find a drying time...somehow I stumbled upon another clear coating that supposedly works wonders on resin and other craft projects: pledge with future shine.  It's a clear acrylic coating for floors that won't yellow (apparently the other stuff that I was using yellows, who knew?)  That stuff takes 24 hours to dry.  I'll be testing a few pieces of resin tonight.  we'll see how it goes.


The black-purple earring messed up resin didn’t turn out to bad.  You can’t notice it on the front of the purple earrings however, only one black earring is salvageable.  meh.  That means I’ll just have to make it a necklace!  It turned out neat though.  I did a few other little black hoop earrings too.  I don’t like the ones with the stars..they look like dingy ghetto life preservers but Naomi  pointed them out and said she loved them.  I gotta stop being so critical  of my work (yeah, like that will ever happen!).

front of earrings

Back of Halloween Earrings: Messed up one on the left.

Black earrings (Top pair not buffed, bottom pair are buffed)

The pictures suck...sorry.  I have to learn to take pictures during the day..they come out 10x better!


ahhh... the weekend.

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Due to rain (again) and my weak ass immune system I have missed another flea market. meh.  On the bright side,  I was able to raise enough money from those random things I was selling last week and by a new laptop!  Hooray!  It'll ship out tomorrow, I iz excitimacated.

Today Kitt and I went to the Sanrio store after dropping Naomi off to get some stuff to get for her birthday next weekend.  I also picked up a few cute things myself.  ^_^  More on that tomorrow as it is late and I'm super sleepy.  This is good because normally i don't get sleepy til around 2am.

Happy Full Moon!


Resin days Chapter 5

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On Monday night I mixed a darker color purple because I wasn’t completely satisfied with how the original purple from last Saturday came out.  This time I added a lot more dye and even a few drops of opaque white to brighten the color up a bit.  I hope it turns out a little more like I was envisioning this time...  It does look a lot darker than before.

Dark Purple Resin

After the darker purple resin was all poured I mixed more resin and this time tried to make a decent opaque black….it wasn’t totally opaque but depending on how much of it I poured into the mold it looked good.  I filled the bigger earring mold I have and made purple earrings with Halloween jimmies and black earrings with blue sparkles…but over night the mold wasn’t sitting properly so one of the black earrings leaked into one of the purple…meh.  I can at least make the giant hoops into necklaces if they look bad from the front so it’s not a total disaster.

It’s interesting to mix dyes in with the resin…since its 2 chemicals being mixed together the dyes form ripples.  (You can see what I mean in the image of the black resin below.)  You have to stir it a lot to make it all one uniform color!  …the ripples look neat though.  I’m thinking of trying some pours without totally mixing the colors in.

Looks kinda creepy akshualy...

As far as the first purple from Saturday night goes, even though it wasn't the color I was going for, the original purple pour stuff still all came out really nice.




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Ah…I’m not finished…

A little while ago I found 2 new tools that greatly improved my resin pouring abilities.  I had seen on a youtube tutorial on resin by this one guy that pours his resin into a condiment bottle and pours resin into molds that way.  Freaking genius!  It worked out so well.  I found the bottles for cheap while on a china town shopping date with gabi.  (Who, by the way, is working on a site for us and for all this resin stuff).

Anyways, the other new tool is something my mother suggested.  Before you are go to mix the resin and hardener, you need to warm the bottles up by putting them in warm water.  This helps the resin become more liquidy (that’s the scientifical term).  While pouring resin from the condiment bottle she suggested keeping it warm by placing it back into a container with hot water.  This really helps to get the most out of the resin because once it’s mixed for so long it begins to cure which causes lots of bubbles and other really annoying shit.  The only down point to all of this is that water bubbles can get into the resin while pouring if you don’t continuously whip t off from the bottle.  They do look neat but can be a bitch to get out.  They will evaporate if on the surface and the resin will slowly fill their place but that leaves a lot of tiny air bubbles too.  Meh.

...I don't really have a picture for this I plug in a random one!

My Jimmie collection for resin!  NO can eats!

Wow...that was riviting...   -_-;


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So Last Saturday I used the resin dyes I bought for the first time.  I mixed blue and red to get purple.

Purple dye and molds

Close up...

The purple looks decently dark when in the cup but I didn’t take into account that that was all the resin piled together and thus, naturally darker.  So when I started to pour it onto the pieces that I wanted to have a deep purple background, it didn’t look as dark or as nice.  I think the ones that i did pour this color onto will come out looking fine but it wasn't the color that I wanted.  So instead of pouring the light purple resin into all the pieces I decided to use it on some molds I haven't used yet.  I filled an earring mold and some of the butterflies on my butterfly mold too.  ^_^

princess, lolita


Today I’d like to talk about the peripherals of resin: the damn things you attach to it to make it hang from stuff like your cell phone, neck or other body parts.  I searched high and low for a decent deal on bulk necklaces…but alas, I couldn’t find any below $1.00 a piece.  So I then research necklace making components, did the math, and figured out I could make them for about 2 cents.  Hooray!  I also ordered cell phone straps from the same place and little crew-eye that screw into the top of the resin and have a hole on the top so you can then attach them to anything.  Hooray!

Some of my handmade necklaces.

So with resin all cured I was eager to start assembling the parts…and enter another road block: drilling issues.  So, the screw eyes I ordered are pretty darn tiny and I needed to find an itteh bitteh drill bits.  Which, with some searching, I did find a place to get the bits however, not a drill that could hold them.  Kitt’s father only had a dewalt drill which for some reason only hold drill bits 1/16 and up.  Mine were between 1/32 and 1/64.  sheesh.  My dad found a drill for me but it was so heavy that the bits kept breaking off inside the resin.  Meh.  He also found a rotary tool which, if you are unaware (because I certainly was!) is for small detail work.  It’s like a nicer smaller version of a drill.  It even can with this awesome pen extension so I sand and buff easily!  However, the bits were too tiny for this too.  Finally, my brother hooked me up with a drill that was light and held the bits.  So finally, finally my resin got drilled.  Hoo-frickin-ray!

That's how tiny the screweye's are. ^_^;

                                                                      The rotary tool with pen tip!

Thank You so much for doing all the drilling snic-Kitt-erdoodle!!!!!!!    hehehe ^_^

So, now I can buff and drill my resin, make necklaces and decently embed objects into correctly poured resin.  I even figured out a way to easily get the itteh bitteh screw eyes into the itteh bitteh hole and secure the with an itteh bitteh amount of glue.  Holy crap, I can haz finished resin stuffs!!  So I submit, for your review, (some of) the first of many resin stuffs! (minus many casualties along the way.)



Cheezburger! You can haz its!

heart n circles

Moar Jimmies!

Line Desin

MLP with different necklace design.

Apple Crumb Muffin

Tea Time!

What do you think?  Ideas? Comments? Ways to improve?

I will be a sponge to your words!!!


on a side note...

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Today I'm spending a lot of time painting... Earlier I modge podged a bunch of stickers my mom got me and some I bought for me too.  They are super adorable and mostly FREE!! gosh I love that word!

In other news, I put a few things up on ebay... I hope they go.  I really wanna get a new laptop but I need to make a decent chunck of it before I go tapping out my bank account.  I WILL, unless there's another hurricane, be selling at the saturday's flea market on street road.  I have about 20 some odd resin pieces ready to be sold and a some more curing as I type this.  I also have a ton of stuff my parents told me I could sell as well.  Very awesome of them.

Speaking of hurricane's and tropical storms - here's what the river looked like by my place last Saturday.

Look at all the ducks!  We had such a decent amount of rain that the parking lot had little ponds in it.  The ducks thought it was awesome....and i thought the ducks were awesome.  So it really was a win-win situation.

I'm gonna go put socks on my ice-cold toe now. kthxbai.


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